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How To Cost Out Your Food And Drink Products

Before you launch any product or recipe, you need to ensure that it will be profitable for your business at a price consumers will be willing to pay.

This online course will provide you with the practical tools and resources to work out your product costs. You'll better understand what to include and how to optimise profits while still delivering an appropriately priced product for sale.
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Who is this course for?

This is ideal for anyone responsible for costing and pricing your products, whether that's the business owner or someone in the business, such as a development chef.

What's included?

Introduction: why product costing is one of your most important business metrics
Running a small business without knowing if your products are profitable is probably never anyone's intention. But without accurate costing, it's a pitfall many businesses fall into. This introduction discusses that in more detail.

The basics of product costing
Understand all the information you need to gather before you start making any costing calculations

Using a costing spreadsheet
We'll share our MS Excel Costing Spreadsheet and how to make it work to suit any business. It's a simple template that helps you make sure you've considered all the costs of your product.

Optimising profit
We'll discuss how to anticipate the profitability of your product before you even go into production and the things you can do to optimise it.
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This is an online course that you can sign up for at any time and complete at your own pace.
The Food & Drink Forum Limited has created this and a range of short courses for food and drink producers. We use a range of subject area specialists to help build the content, which helps to ensure our manufacturers have relevant, up to date information and expertise to learn from.
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